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Sometimes, as a video or sound editor, or a content creator, you may be pressed for time and need to deliver a project quickly. This is where having access to free stock footage comes in handy. Whether it’s for a youtube posting or a movie, you can find material that will assist you with your project.

Free stock footages are gathered by videographers and enthusiasts who love their work or want to showcase their skills with a camera. The videos are grouped on a website for easy access. Most of these videos are free for personal or commercial use and can be edited to suit your project. Listed below are the top ten stock free footage websites for 2018:

1. – Pexels videos are free stock footage that is completely free. That means you can change, edit or correct any part of the video with permission or referring to the source or creator of the video. This is very useful when the time is of the essence and you can’t be bothered with crediting the creator of the stock video. Videos from Pexels are mostly of nature, people and cities.

2. Vidsplay – Thousands of unique stock video clips, completely free for personal or commercial use!

3. Videvo – this is another great website for getting good quality videos. Videvo has over a thousand stock video footages with more videos being added every day. Videvo videos can be used in two ways. The first type of free videos can be used and edited in any way you like. The second type of videos needs you to acknowledge the creator and source of the video you want to use. This benefit to the creator makes Videvo stock footage library to continue to grow.

4. Videezy – is a great website offering stock videos shot in high quality and even 4K. Most of the videos on Videezy are more than a minute in duration. This gives more freedom to work on more material during editing. The videos are grouped into different categories like nature, ocean, urban and sky.

5. Dareful – These high-resolution videos can only be found on Totally free for you to use in your personal and commercial projects.

4. XStockVideo – with a library of over 600 stock footage, XStockVideo offers time-lapse videos and scientific videos in high quality. The stock videos are free to use but a small fee is required for commercial purposes.

5. Footage Crate – provides more of its stock videos for the special effects community. The videos come in full HD and are compatible with video effects editing software.

6. Mazwai – website provides stock footage with over 200 videos in the library. The website stands out as most of the videos can be easily accessed and the duration of each clip is more than 2 minutes long.

7. Coverr – Though the videos on Coverr website were created to act as motion background for website homepages, the videos are also great for moviemakers and film creators. All the videos can be used free for both commercial and personal purposes.

8. WeDistill – doesn’t have a huge library of videos but it stands out because it has ever increasing and new videos. The website brings out 10 new stock footage freebies every 10 days.

9. Life of Vids – Life of Vids hosts hundreds of videos that are royalty free and can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. The videos on the website are not placed in any category or groupings. The website is also updated with new videos frequently.

10. Stock footage for free – Stock footage 4 free has no limitation on the use of the free stock footages hosted on their website. The stock videos come in high quality but there is no grouping or categorisation.


Other sites that offer quality premium stock footages in HD and even 4K don’t come completely free. Some sites use the premium version where you have access to some footage but need to pay for the quality ones.

Free or not, you can find high-quality stock footage from various categories at mentioned sites above.

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