Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do before I can download clip/sound/photo?

Nothing, just explore, download and use our content in your own projects. Sure, you must agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Can I use clip/sound/photo in commercial projects?

Sure! You can use all clips, sounds, photos downloaded from in any project, commercial or non-commercial. The only thing we ask you is described here in Terms and Conditions.

Do I own all the rights to the video clip/sound/photo once I download it?

Sorry, no. Copyright license remains with us. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you are granted a non-exclusive license to use the video clip in your own projects, personal or commercial.

Why you are selling video/sound/photo content at All this content here at is free, isn’t it?

Yes, all content here is free content, but we are also selling our video/sound/photo material at stock footage media website. Mainly because content there (at has higher quality, higher bitrates and has different codecs/formats. For example:

Free videos here at are .MP4 files compressed with .h264 codec with 2.000 – 10.000 kbps bitrate. Our same files at are .MOV files with Animation or Photo JPEG codecs with ~30.000-70.000 kbps bitrates. Same with audio files.

As additional argument to buy our items on is right to use our vfx/sfx/image content without any compulsory credits in your projects description.

Where can i find Cutestockfootage account at website?

Just follow this link mate:

Why are you giving away free footage?

From the very beginning main idea was (and will be) to deliver video/sound/photo material for any video/sound/photo enthusiast, profesional and amateur filmmaker, video editor, 3d artist, musician, mixer, sampler for free.

Also, our site is monetized through advertising systems which helps us to pay for webhosting, domain and other webmaster things. If you’re interested in buying some advertising space Contact Us.

How can I help

The best help for us from you will be simple “thanks” or “Like” at our Facebook Page, subscription at our Youtube Account. Also it will be great if you spread the word about us at your favorite forums, chats, etc.

We know (from statistics) that there are a lot of people who use our material, but only very few from them gives us a credits (notes that footage was taken from number of people that actually spread the word is relatively low. So dears please if you’ll find something useful here or just like what we offer here – then please share it with your friends. Thanks a lot!

How do I contact you?

Contact us by emailing us at info {at}

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